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I am a licensed, full service mortgage consultant with clients across Canada and abroad. Delivering superior mortgage financing solutions to satisfied clients, I have built my business based on a passion and commitment for delivering exceptional service and the very best mortgage options. I have a solid background in finance having worked for some of the largest lenders in the country. Whether it is for residential or commercial--a purchase, a renewal or a refinance--I am dedicated to making the process convenient and seamless.
Whether you're looking for your first home, looking to upgrade, or purchasing an investment property, I can guide you through the entire mortgage process. I will shop your mortgage around to the top lenders and major banks to find you the lowest rate period. Using my services allows my clients to get lower than advertised rates and rate specials. You are not limited to one bank's rates or products and will not have to negotiate at all. From pre-approval to completion date, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. With years of experience and an expertise in the Greater Vancouver market you will be well informed. I am available morning to evening, 7 days a week for your convenience. My services are completely free and there are no commitments. Call me today for a consultation.
For mortgage refinancing, Vancouver homeowners need an expert advisor to renegotiate their rate and term. Take advantage or my relationships with the top lenders and major banks to get yourself the best discounted rates available. Just remember that I work for you, not the banks. With my years of experience, I assist my clients with all their real estate financing and planning needs. It is quite common for homeowners to refinance their property to consolidate and pay out high interest debt at a much lower rate. Many of my clients have utilized these historically low rates and are now saving themselves thousands of dollars with this technique. I also work with many who are using the equity in their home to complete renovations or to build a laneway house. In recent years this has become all the rage in Metro Vancouver. This may prove to be an excellent opportunity for you. For all your refinancing needs, contact me today!
When it comes to getting the best mortgage rates in Vancouver, why not excercise your ability for choice? By using my services you instantly have access to a portfolio of the major banks and top lenders that you otherwise would have no access to. By having this choice you are able to get the lowest rates possible. For mortgage renewals, Vancouver homeowners need an expert advisor to renegotiate their rate and term. Take advantage or my relationships with the top lenders and major banks to get yourself the best discounted rates available. Just remember that I work for you, not the banks. Mortgage renewal date fast approaching? Contact me for a free consultation. I can get your rate on hold up to 120 days before renewal.
Second Mortgages, Privates & Alternative Lending
Can't get approved by your bank? You may be in need of a private mortgage. Private mortgages are an alternative financing source in the Canadian mortgage market. Borrowers who may not fit the rigid restrictions of traditional lending institutions may find that a private mortgage is the best way to secure financing for purchasing a property, refinancing, or consolidation of debts. Let me help you find financing for your home through my relationships with the leading private lenders.
Committed To Giving You Great Low Rates! With a large portfolio of banks and lenders, it is my job to make sure you get the absolute lowest mortgage rate possible. Take advantage of my discounted rates and rate specials.
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Bank of Canada makes another emergency cut to interest rate
Canada’s big banks will offer mortgage relief to Canadians
Buying season off to a brisk start
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Housing and debt worries weigh on BoC
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Canadian Housing Market Trends To Look Out For In 2020
Bank of Canada holds rates, warns economy will be 'tested'
Mortgage business on the move
Is real estate still a good investment for Canadians?
Residential Market Commentary - Qualifying rate conundrum
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - September 2019 Stats
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - September 2019 Stats
Where Could a Median-Income Household Afford Real Estate in Canada?
How the parties' housing promises stack up, according to this expert
Residential Market Commentary - What is a central bank?
A ‘dumb’ idea to make housing more affordable
Vancouver Real Estate Is Once Again The Fastest Cooling Market In Canada
Alternative facts vs. fraud: Millennials believe it’s acceptable to fib on applications
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Bank of Canada Holds Overnight Rate Steady Amid Uncertainty
Inside UBC's Exchange Residences
Vancouver condo prices see biggest drop in Canada, but still lead the nation: report
Perfect Productive Workspace – Minimal Office + Desk Tour
Everything you need to know about Canada's new First-Time Home Buyer Incentive
Vancouver Real Estate Falls To Bottom Of The List For Demand, Ottawa Tops
HouzzTV: 80 Year Old Barn Conversion | Medina, Ohio
Vacancy taxes prompt sale of luxury condos in Downtown Vancouver
A sunny July, but ominous clouds on the horizon
Housing market will drag on B.C. economy, offset by major projects: forecast
New data shows parents are helping their kids pass Canada’s mortgage stress test
The ups and downs of unemployment and interest rates
Residential Market Commentary - BoC not reacting to U.S. interest cut
Residential Market Commentary - BoC not reacting to U.S. interest cut
Brookfield to take control of Canadian mortgage insurance giant in $2.4 billion deal with Genworth
Towers of trouble: Toronto's condo market has no rule book | Doc Zone
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - July 2019 Stats
CMHC sees 'moderate overvaluation' in Canada's housing market, but little vulnerability overall
The Fed's Quarter-Point Rate Cut Not the Start of Something Big
Is the worst over for Vancouver’s housing market?
B.C. Is Home To The Fastest Cooling Real Estate Markets In Canada
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Canadian home prices hit decade low for growth
Bank of Canada lowers qualifying rate used in mortgage stress tests
Housing returns as economic driver
House Prices Are Falling In 25 Canadian Communities ― Here’s The Scoreboard
Vancouver is still in a housing crisis. But when will we know if it's over?
Greater Vancouver home sales lowest June on record in nearly 20 years
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Residential Market Update - Canada’s interest rate conundrum
Here’s where there are still hot housing markets in the Vancouver area
Pre-sale condo buyers back out of contracts as market slows in Lower Mainland
CMHC’s First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Falls Short of Expectations
Average wages in Canada need to double for millennials to afford a house: study
5,400 sq.ft Reverse Roof House in Billimora by Amit Shastri Architects
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Canada’s mortgage stress tests are broken: economist
'Pretty cheap money': Canadian mortgage rates falling to their lowest level in 2 years
Debt blamed in credit crisis could help Canada with housing risk
Residential Market Commentary - Standing pat, but still optimistic
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - May 2019 Stats
Metro Vancouver at 'epicentre' of further downside in BC housing prices: report
Bank of Canada Maintains Overnight Rate
IMF urges Canada not to change policy despite calls to ease mortgage stress test
$89B in home equity lost across Metro Vancouver over past year, report claims
My Lane Home | North Vancouver's First Modular Coach House
Residential Market Commentary - Dirty money in the real estate market
'Done with asking nicely': B.C. announces public inquiry into money laundering
Where are Canadian interest rates heading in 2019? It depends on who you ask
Where are Canadian interest rates heading in 2019? It depends on who you ask
Residential Market Commentary - The Fed holds firm
Don’t kill the mortgage stress test — modify it: CIBC’s Benjamin Tal
Residential Market Commentary - Bank of Canada pulls up a seat on the sidelines
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - April 2019 Stats
Self-employed increasingly turning to private lenders for mortgages
Toronto, Vancouver Condos Now Only For Top Earners: Report
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Bank of Canada maintains overnight rate target at 1 ¾ per cent
Why house prices are unlikely to rise any time soon
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Why 3D Printing Is The Future Of Housing
Patience, perspective key to surviving real estate slump
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NYC Apartment Tour | Penthouse 57 A - Madison Square Park Tower
Canadian incomes aren’t growing fast enough, and that’s a problem for Canada’s housing market
Falling home prices not only in Vancouver, but also in markets around world
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - March 2019 Stats
This chart shows how far BC’s housing market has fallen since tougher mortgage rules were introduced
Residential Market Commentary - Budget Help for House Hunters
Q1 2019 Bank Earnings
Canada's Inverted Curve Steepens as Real Yield Turns Negative
Non-residents own 4.9% of Metro Vancouver homes, much higher in new condos: CMHC
Non-residents own 4.9% of Metro Vancouver homes, much higher in new condos: CMHC
Bank of Canada to hold interest rates through 2020: TD Securities
2019 Federal Budget - Housing Market Overview
Residential Market Commentary - Defying economic expectations
A first-time homebuyer’s guide to avoiding the house poor trap
ICON + New Story | The Vulcan I - 3D Printed Home
Metro Vancouver homebuyers hold the power in current market
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - February 2019 Stats
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - February 2019 Stats
Bank of Canada Reduces Prospects of a Rate Hike
Residential Market Commentary - The next move: no move for BoC
ORI Living | The Transforming Furniture for Small Spaces
First-of-its-kind registry in B.C. targets under-the-radar condo flippers
Is the Housing Correction Almost Over?
A first-time homebuyer’s guide to building a healthy credit history for homeownership
Canadian real estate market outlook 2019: Stable but struggling
Residential Market Commentary - The slide continues
Ask the Expert: What Happens to My Deposit if I Cannot Close My Purchase?
Canada home prices fall for fourth straight month according to Teranet Price Index
The VIPP Shelter | Tiny Prefab as precise industrial-era appliance
Home ownership elusive for young Canadians who fear going broke
From Warehouse to Their House, in Bucktown
Residential Market Commentary - As goes housing, so goes the economy
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - January 2019 Stats
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Overbuilding in Vancouver? New report says long-term home construction needs to speed up
Why the government should rethink the mortgage stress test
The Mortgage Professionals Canada | Annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market Report
Liberals seeking to make home-buying more affordable for millennials: Morneau
The sub-million dollar detached home is back in Vancouver
Declaration Period Begins for B.C. Speculation and Vacancy Tax
Inside Hong Kong's Cage Homes
Canada's commercial property market is set for another blockbuster year
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Mortgage rates expected to ease as economy slows
Residential Market Commentary - BoC holding steady against headwinds
Affordable Housing Problem Is Causing Vancouver's Brain Drain: Minister Carole James
Canadian House Prices To Drop As 'Huge' Wave Of New Homes Arrives: Report
First- and Second-Home Buyers Can Expect Discounts in 2019
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Staying Cool in the 2019 Housing Market
Rate rise unlikely this week but could a cut happen in 2019?
December Housing Reports Show Plummeting Home Sales in 2018 in Toronto and Vancouver
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - December 2018 Stats
Vancouver single family home assessments dip, while commercial properties soar
Residential Market Commentary - A softened stance on future rates hikes
OSFI wants big banks to hike reserves amid elevated risks
Big banks tighten grip on mortgage market after rule changes stifle competition
Toronto, Vancouver most 'vulnerable' to interest rate hikes: CMHC
Vancouver-area home prices to fall 3% in 2019: RE/MAX
The devil is in the details
Bank of Canada's Dovish Tone
Thinking of Buying a Leasehold Property? Read This First
The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - November 2018 Stats
Is it time for a mortgage checkup?
CMHC forecasts higher rates, slower housing
Q3 Canadian GDP Growth Slowed On The Back of Weak Housing and Business Investment
Many mortgage renewers can expect better rate in 2019, despite recent hikes: poll
Many mortgage renewers can expect better rate in 2019, despite recent hikes: poll
'We're at a crisis and we don't even realize it': The dark side of Toronto's housing boom
Canadians are obsessed with housing affordability — so why isn't Ottawa talking about it?
Bank of Canada takes a holiday from rate increases
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Big lenders resilient in housing crash test: Bank of Canada
Higher interest rate target? Expanded mandate? Bank of Canada explores options
Vancouver expects $30 million in first year of empty homes tax
Canada’s Housing Market Shows Increasing Signs of Soft Landing
Kasita | The Future of Affordable Housing?
Average Canadian house worth $496,800 last month, down 1.5% in past year
Financial fretting among Canadians
Why your neighbour's kid is getting a better mortgage rate than you
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Vancouver housing market forecast to see moderation over the next 2 years: CMHC
Market Update: Banks Calculating Lines of Credit
How Much Higher Will Canadian Mortgage Rates Go?
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