CMHC’s Evan Siddall Addresses B-20 at National Mortgage Conference

CMHC’s Evan Siddall Addresses B-20 at National Mortgage Conference

In what must have felt like walking into the lion’s den, CMHC head Evan Siddall addressed concerns about recent regulatory changes in front of a crowd of over 1,000 mortgage professionals on Monday.

Siddall attended Mortgage Professionals Canada’s annual conference in Montreal, answering questions posed by President and CEO Paul Taylor.

The discussion revolved around federal mortgage rule changes, primarily the new stress test introduced as part of the revised B-20 guidelines.

“One thing I think we do well, and some of you may think we over-rotated on this, is maintain a healthy housing market and help avoid financial crises,” he said. “My view is that we have a much healthier housing system and a richer market for [brokers] to operate and compete in than we would have had had those changes not occurred.”

Though he assured the audience that “we’re not in a big rush to make more changes.”

Siddall addressed a range of topics during the Q&A-style talk. Here is a selection of some of his most pertinent comments:


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