'Cube house' on Vancouver's Point Grey Road sold for $7.95 million

'Cube house' on Vancouver's Point Grey Road sold for $7.95 million

After being listed on the market for over a year, the daringly-bold, so-called ‘cube house’ at the northeast corner of Point Grey Road and Alma Street in Vancouver’s Westside has been sold for $7.95 million, below the final asking price, according to BC Assessment.

This 2016-built, sharp contemporary home at 3691 Point Grey Road – right across from Hastings Mill Park – has drawn some controversy for its unconventional design, and it was listed on the market by the Rennie Group more than a year ago for $14 million.

Shortly after it went up for sale, the price for the property was slashed to $12.75 million, then $9.998 million, and eventually down to $8.195 million earlier this year.

The latest assessed value for the property by BC Assessment is $7.46 million, with $4.7 million for the land and $2.76 million for the building.


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