Price of Canada’s ‘most expensive’ house plummets

Owners of the West Vancouver house once listed as Canada’s most expensive have dropped their asking price to $12.9 million from $37.9 million. 

They also appear to have switched real estate agents in their bid to sell the fixer upper at 3810 Marine Drive.

The aging house on the half-acre of prime oceanfront real estate remains on the market seven months after the whopping price tag first attracted media attention. The price subsequently dropped to $19.9 million before taking the latest plunge, according to cached copies of agent Lionel Lorence’s website. In February, the previous realtors told Metro the real value would lie in subdividing the lot.

The home’s former listing, which no longer appears on agent Laura McLaren’s website, included photos of opulent renderings of what could be done with the property. If divided into three lots, the former listing said, each could host an 8,000 square foot home complete with boat garages.

The new listing features photos of the view rather than the “rancher bungalow with basement.” Property taxes in 2013 were $22,383. --Metro News 

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