Six Months was What it Took to Absorb Latest Mortgage Changes!

Six Months was What it Took to Absorb Latest Mortgage Changes!

Ever since the US 2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis, we’ve seen a never-ending string of change. Mortgage lending rules have become tougher and tighter. Underwriting is stricter and more thorough. (As usual, the government has not missed an opportunity to stick their nose into your business by making lenders ask for more income documentation.)

The rule of change is that it takes around six months for consumers to adjust.

We’ve seen this pattern many times. If you look back two years, in Vancouver, the provincial government brought in a 15% foreign buyer’s tax. Pessimists said the sky was falling and that this would destroy the housing market. I had a different opinion… I said it would return to normal within six months.

Sure enough, the housing market went soft and prices declined, temporarily. Then they rebounded and increased to new record heights.

We had another big change in Toronto when the Ontario government followed BC and imposed a 15% foreign buyer’s tax in 2017. Sure enough, the market went quiet, but six months later it was back to normal activity and prices recovered.


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